Nearly a decade ago, there were six innocent college students just going on living and trying to make their dreams come true. Until they met one another. They formed a barkada so tight it can never be broken. Days turned to years. They found people they share the same heartbeats with and created an unbreakable bond that the world has never seen before.

Welcome to Hitchhiker Paw. The creator of this site is proud to feature all of his adventures with his friends. But the frenzy of intense travel does not stop from them. Featured in this site are entries from other bloggers as well. Be it a travel blog or anything interesting to talk about, you can find it here.

First off, enjoy the gallery photo of our travels. Just click an image below and don’t forget to read the blogs. Do you love to share your stories, too? Tell us why and get your content featured in this awesome site.

photoblogv2caramoan photoblogv2samal photoblogv2pprincesa
photoblogv2bohol photoblogv2southcebu photoblogv2sagada
photoblogv2mindanao photoblogv2calaguas
To the reader: Don’t miss the fun! Most of the images on travel blogs are GIFs. To enjoy the blog, let the GIFs load completely.

47 thoughts on “OUR STORY”

  1. Hi thanks for following my blog, i followed back. Your travel blogs are sooo cool 😍💖 would love to experience things first hand but your blog teaches me more than a thing or two, good to be having a knowledge/ idea than just travel not knowing what to expect etc.😅💖👍


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